Anyone visiting North East Iowa is in for a real treat if they stop and have a meal or a cup of coffee at Maggie's Diner. Home cooked meals, REAL HOMEMADE PIES, friendly atmosphere with no pretensions. A great place to relax with your honey, your friends and your family.

I have been trout fishing in NE Iowa since the early 80's, but it wasn't until 2012 that I ever visited Maggie's Diner. It is located just west of McGregor Iowa on U.S. 18. It has a gigantic parking lot, for the truckers of course, so you can't miss it. The diner was started by Margaret Schultz in 1979, and if you see her there, know that she prefers Margaret. Mike and Heidi Dickman bought the Diner in 2002 and Margaret still helps them out to this day.

The world is full of chain restaurants, and they are great because when you go to one, you can be sure that you will always get the same thing. But if you crave something different, something authentic, then Maggie's Diner is the place for you. Owner operated restaurants are quickly going the way of the rotary dial phone. but this place that has stood the test of time -- the test of long and lonely Iowa winters too -- Mike and Heidi are survivors because they love their business and most of all they really love their customers.

Tech Spec: This program was shot with a Panasonic AF100A and a 25MM Voigtlander lens, a Panasonic HPX500 for the second interview camera and a HPX170 for the handheld b-roll. The field production was completed by Bill Coons and Suzy Weimer and both also edited the program. The music was licensed through the deWolfe Music Library. This program was edited in Apple Final Cut Pro 7. This program was produced by Creative Dynamics Studio pro bono.

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