Tv spot for the famous Brazilian soft drink, during the 2014 FIFA World Cup. This one is a variation of the original, where you can watch it here

Done at Dialogue Creative Studio with a lot of passion and effort to end up with a nice combination between 3D and Cel animation.


Agency: Normajean
Production House: Gorilla Filmes
Direction: Paco
Art Direction & Animation: Dialogue
Producers: César Furtado
Designers: César Furtado; Friedrich Detering aka iasone; Ricardo Nilsson
Characters Concepts: Fernando Carmo; Friedrich Detering aka iasone
Animators: Ricardo Nilsson; Fernando Carmo; Cristiano Gonçalves
Cel Animation: Friedrich Detering aka iasone; Fernando Carmo
3D Modeling & Texturing & Animation: Ricardo Nilsson; Fernando Carmo

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