- an Art-Film by Seruni Bodjawati, Wara Anindyah and Rahman Hak-Hagir.

Featuring Javanese puppet theatre inspired by the legend of Draupadi (Mahabharata) and the performance art of Austrian artist, Rahman Hak-Hagir.

Seruni Bodjawati
Wara Anindyah
Rahman Hak-Hagir

Camera: Seruni Bodjawati, Amin Hak-Hagir
Director & Postproduction: Seruni Bodjawati
Year: 2014 • Indonesia / Austria


Seruni Bodjawati (born September 1st, 1991) is an Indonesian artist and author. Her first painting was made when she was 10 months old. More than 30 times participated in art exhibitions in some countries such as in Indonesia, Japan, India, Philippine, New Zealand, Hungary, England, Romania, France, Spain, Germany, Australia, and USA. She was awarded as Indonesia's Most Inspiring Woman in Art and Culture by Indonesian First Lady, Ani Yudhoyono. "

Wara Anindyah:

Rahman Hak-Hagir (born May 15, 1972) is an Austrian-born Vienna-based half-afghan conceptual and performance artist who began his career in 1990. Active for two decades in varied fields of art, his work is recently focussing on the conflicting priorities between individual and social environment. Together with austrian art historican Katleen Luger he is a founding member of the international artist collective known as "The Other Society".

The Other Society is an International Artist Collective that sends out clues and messages to the real world, to prosper.


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