LIVE@ The Citizens League Annual Meeting
Interview with David Williams of Microsoft

Highlights :: Civic Participation is key for professional and organizations.

The Citizens League builds civic imagination and capacity in Minnesota by:

•Identifying, framing and proposing solutions to public policy problems;
•Developing civic leaders in all generations who can govern for the common good; and
•Organizing the individual and institutional relationships necessary to achieve these goals.

Founded in 1952, the independent, non-partisan Citizens League is one of the nation's premier citizen-based "good government" organizations. The organization is distinguished by its pioneering process that involves citizens in studying public issues and developing policy solutions.

Based in Saint Paul, the Citizens League focuses on public policy issues at the local, metropolitan and state levels. Over the years, the Citizens League has been one of the most effective agents of change in Minnesota public policy. The Citizens League's impact can be seen in areas such as public finance, regional government, education, transportation and health care.

The 2,000-plus members of the Citizens League contribute their time and money not as agents of special interest groups or single-issue devotees, but as citizens who are concerned about the quality of life in Minnesota and the Twin Cities.

Citizens League members don't all think alike, but they do share some common beliefs, such as:

•Effective government depends on uninhibited discussion and ensuring that special interest groups are challenged;
•Issues must be probed beyond the narrow confines of partisanship;
•Results need to be more than just talk - League members want to see things happen.
The League is governed by a 29-member Board of Directors, which is elected by the membership. A professional staff supports the activities of the 2,000+ members with an annual budget of nearly $1,000,000.

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