Interactive Sound-Video-Installation
Thomas Gerwin, Wolfgang Spahn, 2010

Two dice produce and form sounds together with moving images.
One cube influences the sound figures evolving (the number corresponds with spectral characters, density and motion structure). The other cube influences the appearing soundscapes (the number corresponds with spectral wideness and density).
One cube influences the first visual figure, circulating colored sticks (length corresponds with the number). The other cube forms and triggers the spiral structure, which destroys the other. (Here length corresponds with the darkness of the spiral). The positions of the dice on “Spiel-Tisch” mark the centers of both structures, the stick and the spiral.
If both dice show the same number (Pasch), a third sound appears additionally - especially composed to enwiden and to counterpoint each pair of ‘normal’ sounds.
The structure of the stick and the spiral has some special “Pasch”-appearance, too.

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