In November of 2011 we set out to meet up with Tom Wiley at Kennebunk Beach, Maine to shoot some surfing and an interview about him being one of Maine's original surfers. It took months of tracking him down and figuring out when there would be decent swell to shoot. After surfing for a couple of hours I spotted Tom on the road pulling his quad out of an old pick up. I jumped out of the water and greeted him. This was the first time after about six months of phone calls and emails I actually got to meet Tom face to face. I grabbed my camera gear which at the time was an old DVX 100b tape camera, and posted up to film. I can remember guys walking by with dslr's and glidecams looking at me a little strange. Oh well! (Wish I had kept that camera.) The 2011 Scion Cup was going on and Tom sat right in the lineup with the competitors. I remember the judges yelling for him to move and Tom purposely ignoring them so he could be in a good spot. He ended up surfing for about four hours until it was almost dark. Finally, we made it to Tom's house and shot the interview. It was meant to be part of a larger Maine Documentary that I was going to attempt to work on. At the end of the interview Tom gave me a bunch of VHS tapes of footage and I went on my way. Later at a friend's house we popped the tapes in to a very well used VHS player and we were both blown away. Five years prior to this I didn't even think there was surfing in Maine and here I am, handed footage from OOB in the 1960's and 70's of guys ripping. The idea for my film changed quickly to attempt to tell the story of some of our pioneers through this footage and some interviews with some of the other pioneers. I have since done that, and though I know I still have a lot to learn, I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. This video is the very first cut before I did anything else. The audio is a little whacked, the edit could definitely use some work. When I made it I really didn't know much about film making considering I had just started to learn the process previously that year. When I watched it recently I realized that even with the mistakes there was some heart in it. Tom's been ripping for years and travels to three different locales a year to stay where the surf is. Though it was a pain in the ass to finally meet up with him it was totally worth it.

If anyone want's to see the full film Shoot the Pier let me know and I'll send you a link.
Here's a trailer for the film:

Surfer: Tom Wiley
Music: Greg Brown, Spring Wind

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