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It’s well known today that women’s bodies are more sexually objectified than men’s bodies. But what if they weren’t?

We don’t blame society, capitalism or men or who ever for the way things are today. We don’t care who started it. What we care about is what could be. We just want to show a world that is a little bit more relaxed – and have fun while doing it!

What if we could create a world where men, women and others freely could express themselves as people, sexual subjects or sexual objects as they themselves pleased. We think our film is a small step in that direction. We wanted to see what would happen if we portrayed women’s bodies without an excessive sexual charge – so we started to make a short film doing just that.

In a humorous short film about a little bra from outer space, we portray a possible world in which women’s bodies are not as sexualized as it is in our society today. We follow this bralien’s quest for breasts in a world where women don’t need to hide their bodies more than men do, where bras do not exist and no one knows what it is.

Mattias Silva Film in collaboration with Synergiteatern (the Synergy Theatre) produces this film as its own passion project. Aside from our day jobs, many hours of voluntary work, financial resources and skills have been invested into this project. We have come a long way, but we will now need your help to finalize the post production.

Our plan is to screen the film in international filmfestivals and later release it online so that everyone can enjoy it!

Do you want to help? Please watch our clip above and contribute in any way you can.

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