Add 25 years to your age; consider who will be in influential positions; and determine if you'll be heard. Fast Forward to 2035. Where will you be in your life? Will your community be ready for the life you imagine?

Fast Forward to 2035. Will you kick yourself for not insisting your town prepare itself in 2010 for your life as an older adult in 2035? Join Host Gregory Bator as he welcomes Distinguished Professor Robin Boyle from Wayne State University to the show. Professor Boyle is the chair of the Urban Planning Department at WSU.

"It is guaranteed that our communities older population will soar in numbers by 2035," notes Professor Boyle. "Many are calling the demographic change an 'Aging Tsunami' that we are ill-prepared to face," adds Bator.

This show turns the clock forward to 2035. Bator and Professor Boyle look at what communities did well and what towns did poorly in their preparations for their older populations. If you want your own town to be ready for you, tune in to this lively information packed show. You may even see your local community access station highlighted!

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