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You love the planet but don't want to stop travelling. That's why 100% op Reis aims to give you information you need to make the greenest-possible travel choices.

100% op Reis is the first Dutch production agency specialised in sustainable tourism.

Our videos highlight destinations, eco lodges, community based tourism projects, hotels and tour operators who've gone out of their way to reduce their environmental impact. The films we make at 100% op Reis are mainly about eco-tourism destinations, where you'd expect to see rural communities, wildlife and natural beauty. Though, we also believe all tourism should be sustainable, and that can apply in the heart of the city, too, or at a beach resort. Therefore, as far as we can, we want to bring green, responsible tourism into focus in each of our films.

100% op Reis believe everybody has a fundamental right to travel but we all have a responsibility to care for our beautiful world.

We should be alert to the impact our travel has on the environment and other people, from the moment we click 'search' or pick up the phone to the time we finally arrive home.
The way we get there, where we stay, where we buy our souvenirs and even our choice of drinks at the beach bar... everything we do has a knock-on effect upon the environment and the local community.

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