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100repchallenge.com is the simple practice of moving every day. It's up to you the methods you use. All that matters is you get yourself moving, no matter how, no matter what, every day! Little by little we gain a lot.

The Internet is awash with programs, systems, methods and protocols - all designed to help the average person lose weight, build muscle, increase endurance and become lean, serene and all round better. So what’s the problem?

Why do so many people fail to make even a modest dent in their fitness goals? Why do they start out fired up only to fall off the wagon and go lie on the couch? Between, work, school, childcare, meetings, grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning, bed time stories and the latest episode of 24 we can find our efforts easily derailled. We make a commitment to get fit and as soon as that commitment is undermined it becomes a stick we use to beat ourselves.

Soon enough it’s easier to quietly ignore your nice new running shoes, the skipping rope hanging over the exercise bike sitting next to that kettlebell you wanted at Christmas. You’ll get back to those soon enough, when the weather gets better, that new work project is finished and you catch up on your sleep. Wakey, wakey. Your excuses are exactly that. Well here's a way to get back on track.

Progress is a series of small steps. Small steps, that in time, cover a great distance. We get stronger incrementally, lose weight gradually, regain health, movement and wellness one rep, one workout, one day at a time. So a little bump on the road to fitness is just that, you stalled, it happens, that’s life. The journey continues. Buckle up.

This is important. You need to understand that missing a day, or a week does not somehow negate all your previous efforts. You earn your health and well being over time. You also need to realise that the sooner you get back in the driving seat the better.

“You may have a fresh start any moment you choose, for this thing that we call “failure” is not the falling down, but the staying down.” – Mary Pickford

I have a simple solution. A solution that requires simple, effective, regular effort and establishes the foundation you need to make more profound challenges. A solution that will provide you with a base line level of fitness that will support all the other efforts you make.

The confidence you develop both physically and mentally from performing this routine can provide all the inspiration you need to re-invigorate the simple joy of moving with freedom and energy.

As a society we have lost the simple daily physical tasks that would normally make significant inroads to the calories we consume. This is compounded by easy access to the empty convenience foods we eat. Our obsession with time segments our day into a series of pedestrian activities and as soon as we stray from the norm everything falls apart. We are losing the ability to think spontaneously and creatively when it comes to our well being. To improvise and enjoy the effort. Not everything in life is plug and play, bullet pointed or ready to eat.

So here it is – you will replace your great-grandparents daily physical efforts – chopping wood, drawing water, picking fruit, chasing dinner by completing One Hundred Repetitions of the activity of your choice, every day. That’s Seven Hundred reps a week. Simple. Those reps can be divided across as few or many drills as you want. For example you might choose to do 100 straight Hindu squats. If that’s too much of a challenge you can break them into four sets of 25. There you go – 100 reps. Alternatively you might perform 20 push ups followed by 5 pull ups and repeat for four rounds. A total of 80 push ups and 20 pull ups. 100 reps. Over the course of a week, with those two exercises alone you could perform 560 push ups and 140 pull ups. Can you imagine how that might impact your well being.

For a real challenge you can bang out 100 straight swings with the KB of your choice. Or really stir things up with a combination lift of 5 moves for 5 reps and do four cycles. 100 reps. Or how about 5 push ups, 5 chins, 5 burpess, 5 body weight squats for 5 rounds. 100 reps.

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