Break The Ice is an interactive audio-visual installation, which breaks under the persons that step on it. Persons over a circular rug are detected in real-time by a Kinect, serving as input to an animation that creates cracks according to their positions and time over the rug. Their movements can either make the ice recede, making a video visible underneath, or make the ice form, when they step outside the rug, leaving the scars from the interaction visible for some time.

The video contains no sound; the sound corresponding to the graphics is also generated in real-time using Overtone/Supercollider, involving the cracks, running water and ice formation.

The animation uses a 3D model, implemented in Processing, together with shaders in GLSL.

Excerpt of exhibition at JUNO, bar • art gallery in Braga, Portugal
June 18th – 30th 2014

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