Shot entirely on Super8 film, Doin' It Right was shot and partly edited in Leipzig, Germany, and finalized it in Berlin on June 27, 2014. It has an original sound score created especially for the film by Jander and Felix Fonseca Kerkhoff, entitled Ride-On-Acid-Love. The musical score is intrinsic to the film's soul: it follows its meditational mood and movements.
This is a "small" art-documentary-story-collage film that spontaneously captured different beings living their singular (yes very much connecting) moment in an honorful manner: treating with care their movements, their thoughtfulness, and their existence within the context of their own lives and of the lives of their fellow human beings.

The film carries a desire to share the beginning of a meditational mantra of love, of unity, of caressing ourselves with kindness a little more each moment.

Personal reviews at Semi-private previews:

>> This film reminded me, that I need to slow down. > It is a really poetic film. > This film made me think about how I live my life and left me asking myself: What can I do? > The film is a time capsule. > It is a beautiful film and the music really matches it well. And because there is no dialogue, you look more deeply at the images and it becomes a meditation. > The music takes you underneath the layers of the images. > There is a captivating contrast between the melancholic film score and the beauty shown in the images. > I can't wait to see your next film. > This reminded me a lot of "So-&-So's films (an important avant garde filmmaker).

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