Quote: The 6dF Galaxy Survey has collected more than 120,000 redshifts over the southern sky over a 5 year period from 2001 to 2005. Its goal is to map our southern view of the local universe, and use the peculiar motions of one-tenth of the survey to measure galaxy mass. It covers more than eight times the sky area of the successful 2dF Galaxy Redshift Survey.


Visualisation: Paul Bourke

Audio: Peter Morse, Glenn Rogers

Galaxy textures: Duncan Forbes, Space Telescope Science Institute, NASA, Hubble Deep Field

Data: Anglo-Australian Observatory, 6dF data date: June 2006.


Computing: Single Mac G5 (WASP, University of Western Australia)

Length: 2 min 20 sec.

Frames: Fisheye projections, 3600x3600 pixels at 30 fps.

Rendering: Locally developed software tools for rendering, animation, stitching, compositing, effects.

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