I spent four days with my wife Fatima visiting relatives in Uruguay. While there we had a chance one day to rent bikes for a few hours and meet up with Mathias Kalwill, the inventor of a mobile app called Bikestorming which helps grow urban bicycling in your city.

Matias was kind to show us around on a short loop, but we got to see quite a few highlights which included: the Rambla - a wonderful waterfront bike path that hugs the Montevideo coast, Movete - the new bike share (yes in Uruguay!), and many of the newest bike paths, cycle tracks and bike boulevard-ish style road.

Seeing that most of this infrastructure is very new and there are plans for much more to come, it will be interesting to visit a few years from now to see how much more bicycling has grown.

Note: Apologize for the sometimes not-so-great sound quality, I tried something a little different by biking around with absolutely minimal gear, and since I was on vacation I didn't want to spend too much time. But it's always nice to get a taste of bicycling in another country.

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