Almost a year ago and 100 episodes we had Mr. Jason Gordo on the show discussing his FlexScore financial planning system for consumers. Jason had succeeded in turning a rather mundane, yet necessary, task into a "gamified" experience for the rest of us. He made it fun to get financially fit.

Now he's taken FlexScore to the next level with FlexScore Pro, targeting financial institutions and advisory firms -- yes, that means you credit unions -- to help their clientele/customers/members/etc. A credit union armed with FlexScore Pro can offer its members a highly engaging means to gain financial freedom, which is a huge value add for any FI.

So we invited Jason back on the show to give us the lowdown on his new Pro version that seems to be a grand opportunity for credit unions to make themselves that much more relevant and valuable to their members -- and have a bit of fun to boot. Many thanks for Jason being on the show and let us know what you're doing at your credit union to make financial planning a positively pleasant experience.


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