It’s not the music that triggers dance, it‘s the dance that creates music!

The challenge was to get the museum‘s visitors dancing. But music alone wouldn’t make it for a spontaneous groove. Therefore, we turned the tables and invented the STEPSEQUENCER – a tool which is able to create sound and music out of human movements.

Sounds and beats are being created by the STEPSEQUENCER for as long as you interact with the exhibit’s stations: a round floor-projected “instrument” and three physical tools on the side – one for jumping, one for twisting and one for seesawing.

The pads of the round floor projection are being activated by touch. If you mark a field with your hands or feet, a sound is resonating each time the rotating pointer hits the field. Depending on the marked pad’s position, different sounds are arising, each of them variously combinable with others. Once the movements stop, the sounds will hush.

Concept / Design / Code:
Johannes Timpernagel, Ingolf Heinsch, Sebastian Huber, Robert Pohle –

Moritz Haberkorn –

Jan Bernstein –

büroberlin –

Colleen Schmitz

Artistic Consulting:
Prof. Dr. Axel Buether

- - -

Ableton Live + Max for Live –

- - -

tanz! Wie wir uns und die Welt bewegen
Oktober 2013 – Juli 2014

- - -

Rosenpictures –

Romy Schwarzer
Anna Till

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