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I made this animated eCard for Rubber Chicken Cards. I was in charge of the entire project from beginning to end; the animation and backgrounds were created in Adobe Flash. I designed all the backgrounds for the outside and the inside of the French Café as well as the props. I built the entire character from scratch which includes a full set of mouth and arm packs ready to be animated. I designed her look and outfit attempting to portray a classic French waitress. The general idea of the character is based on a Steve Rotblatt’s design.
Special attention was put into detail, on things like the blush in Véronique’s cheeks and eye shadow, both done by using movie clips with a blur filter. I tried to create the effect of "real" light in the lamp shade by lowering the alpha in the top layers. The blackboard has a little bit of debris from the chalk, an effect that was achieved by lowering the opacity in the fill color. Using a movie clip that plays on a loop, I was able to animate the flickering candle light.
My goal was to create an appealing interior and exterior for the café. For the inside scene, I built a cozy environment making use of light and shadow. In the outside scene, color gradients in the walls and the textured pavement were used to create a colorful, inviting feeling.
I hope you enjoy this animated card. I had a blast working on it.

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