The official music video for 'Beach Country' by The Dewars

Directed, Shot & Edited by Brady Bigalke (

OFFICIAL SELECTION: 2015 Myrtle Beach International Film Festival
OFFICIAL SELECTION: 2014 Miami Short Film Festival

Special Thanks To: Aaron Beasley, Asiah Bennett, Simone Bigalke, Caroline Brady, Hudson Crace, Mark Garrison, Veronica Genet, Lauren Gilliam, Aaron Harriss, Marc Hartley, Scott Holbrook, Hanna Houle, Erin McTwigan, Emilio Santoro, Elle Scopelitis, Wesley Seefried, Allie Sgromo, Seth Teston, David Wernicke, Kelsey Wick, Rae Wilson

Do you remember going ocean side?
The wind was blowing your hair so far and wide
Picture perfect, the camera's in my eye

Birds are flying single file
And I've been working but its worth the while
To take an inch and give a mile for your smile

The earth is breathing in and out
We're hangin in there, we should be hangin out
We're huffin' puffin' but what's the fuss all about?

All our echoes bounce around
Close your eyes and you can see the sound
There is music, it's playing all around

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