Rendering of the gas density in a second-generation star-forming region (
The simulations were done with different abundances of heavy elements, from 0.01 to 0.0001 times the solar value, here shown for 0.001 (Z = -3). They made use of a detailed chemical network including primordial species as well as C, C+, O, O+, Si, Si+, and Si2+ following the formation of carbon-enhanced metal poor stars, which was implemented with the KROME package (

Shown is a walk-through from the cosmological large-scale structure down to smaller scales into the star-forming environment.
The simulation runs were done with the Enzo code (, the rendering was animated with the yt toolkit for astrophysical data (

Contributing scientists were S. Bovino, T. Grassi, D. R. G. Schleicher and M. A. Latif.
The video was edited by T. Lichtenberg.

For further details see
A similar rendering for the abundance patterns of J031300.36−670839.3 (Keller, 2014, Nature) can be seen under

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