October 2013 • Various locations across NEPAL

"Chasing angels or fleeing demons, go to the mountains." - Jeffrey Rasley

Months leading towards this trip, I remember I was through quite a rough patch. Nepal gave me my much needed break. Given my dreadful predicament, I thought the timing was rather apt. I needed to get away. I needed to hide away. Just like the saying goes, everything has its time. So this was mine, and mine alone.

I expected the trek to Poon Hill to be challenging as I have never been much of a trekker - this was my first trail that spanned over several nights. Unfortunately the wretched weather up on the mountains did not make it any easier. It started fine on the first day but by the second day, it was just constant rainfall. I was drenched and soaked wet in my own sweat mixed with rain throughout two straight days. No sunshine, nothing. Just mist and water all around. It was so cold at one point that I decided to take shelter and have something warm in one of the teahouses along the trek. I was shivering and I could not stop.

I did not make it to Poon Hill. The mist was too thick at dawn, swallowing the trek altogether. I was disappointed. I wanted it to mean something to me, that I had made it there. But that's life I guess. Although I could stay another night at Ghorepani to try my luck the next morning, I decided to continue on since the weather did not look like it's clearing up anytime soon. Perhaps another time I told myself.

By the end of my journey in Nepal, I did not experience any miracle enlightenment - yes, just my own wishful thinking. None of my problems had vanished. I just took a break from them and I was convinced I was ready to get back to the real world. To tell you the truth, things got worse after I returned. Unfortunate but that's how my story goes. Since then, however, things have slowly cleared up and I find myself in a better place now. A place not as mystical, as serene, as sacred as the high Himalayan peaks and valleys, but a much better place than where I was nonetheless.

My trip took me to three main Nepalese cities: Kathmandu, Pokhara, and Bhaktapur, in this order. The timelapse footage captured the places in the same sequence I had visited them. Hope you like it and thanks for watching my first feeble attempt at timelapses.


MUSIC • Mata Dan Cakrawala by Febriann Mohammad (soundcloud.com/patigenie, soundcloud.com/layur)

• • •

Filmed and edited by Wisnu Widjaja
Shot using GoPro HD HERO 2
Edited using GoPro Studio, Adobe Premiere Pro & After Effects
Graded using Adobe Lightroom

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