A video in honor of those that are up in the sky....

Thank you all for watching

Just a reminder..

"life isn't to be spent unwisely"

People do fight everyday for life
and as a tribute, we should all be careful of how we spent OUR LIFE.

In honor of those I left behind and are now up in the sky, although were young and as the song says "will be 4ever young"

This video clip was filmed and edited solely with iMovie in an iPhone (any smartphone would do the job), meaning we don't need a lot to do whatever we love... let's stop excusing ourselves and live our dreams..

Be creative and love your MOMENTS cause life is really moments and not a video... see it as a time-lapse maybe...

The stars of the video ...kids .... playing with water and one of them the rock star going agaist his parents will and behaving like a rock star jumping around ;)

Get out of your bed and shoot anything ;) Life doesn't stop doesn't slow down.. It just different depending from what point of view you are looking at it ;)

NO copyright infringement is intended for the song - music copyrights ® JAY Z and Mr Hudson-The Blueprint 3 - Copyright belongs to the owner of the song.

Till we meet dad :)

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