Overly staged conversation about Vaccines and Autism.
1. Wrong premise to say, 'science' claims no link to Autism and vaccines, and that the benefits of vaccines are 'undeniable'. The areas of high vaccinated populace have the highest rates of Autism. Science is not a single group, it's knowledge of all and many people see clearly the dangers of vaccines and the toxins contained within them.
2. The Christian Minister, should be making an argument that Christians are not to have vaccines that are directly injected into the body.
3. All people on the panel, are supporters of socialism as their rhetoric all coincided with social mandates to vaccinate, including the definition of people 'free loading' health and the need to enforce vaccinations on them.
4. Logic fails on 'herd' theory, as those vaccinated should not be at risk of disease if they are immune. If a virus changes then no one is protected if commercialised vaccines even protect people from disease to start with.

Anyone that investigates knows TV is weaponised. The people on these programmes are gatekeepers of information and directors of people into cultural change and other outcomes.

The host of the Show is a known Catholic and propagandist. The guests are NGO's, paid commentator from a university, and a corrupt church figures.

ABC. Compass. The Moral Compass (Overly Staged Vaccine Topic Thick With Propaganda) 20140713

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