Filmed and Directed by Stefano Lapasini
Editing and Sound mixing by Pierre Vandenbroeck
Sound Engineering by Christophe Blitz
Produced by Tipik:
Music by Tipik
For the European Commission, DG Connect
GIRAFFplus project:

This spring I met a fantastic person, Nonna Lea, who, like for many, became my "acquired grandmother". With her 94 years of age she shares her experience of life with whoever likes to listen to her stories and reading her poems and books.

I filmed her testing a new robot and the story published in the spring of 2014 travelled in the media everywhere across the world.

Here bellow a few of the many links of major IEuropean and International Newspapers and News agencies where the video appeared on and/or the story appears on:

- ANSA (Agenzia Nazionale Stampa Associata), is the leading wire service in Italy, and one of the leaders among world news agencies.

- CNN:

- (AE) Agence Europe

More publications are listed in this article:
Robotics aid independent living (IP/14/515)
Media favourably cover the story about the EU-funded programme GiraffPlus in 25 stories in Greece, Italy, Spain, France and the Netherlands. (5/5, also in English) leads, "At 94 years old, testing a robot-caregiver", explaining that Mrs Lea Mina Ralli, aged 94 and called "Nonna Lea", is testing the system, reporting, "The EU Commission has funded the [GiraffPlus] project with €3 million. 'The EU is investing in new technology that can support the silver generation - adding not just years to our life, but also life to our years!' said Neelie Kroes, Vice-President and Commissioner for the Digital Agenda". The news portal (5/5) headlines, "Robots and sensors serving the elderly in Europe", reporting straight from the press release and adding a Spanish video from GiraffPlus. It also includes a link to Nonna Lea's blog. Telecompaper (NL subscription required, 5/5) runs, "EU invests in homecare innovations", reporting, "European Commissioner Neelie Kroes emphasised the importance of innovation as a means of coping with aging in Europe. Three million has been invested in the home care robot … The European Commission estimates that the market for advanced remote care will reach revenues of 13 billion euros by 2016". Key4Biz (IT, 5/5) heads, "Now, the robot becomes a 'caregiver' and assists the elderly at home", quoting Vice-President Kroes and posting the European Commission's video. SiNC (ES syndicated, 5/5) announces, "Europe develops a robot to assist elderly", reporting from the press release, including the EC's video, and also speaking to Javier González, Professor of Robotics at the University of Málaga. Other articles that report on the EU-funded programme include, “Europe wants to remake the old with new” (INpact, FR, 5/5), “Robots and sensors serving the elderly in Europe” (, GR, 5/5), "The first cyber-carer works in Italy: it is called GiraffPlus" (Tom's Hardware, IT, 5/5), "Grandma Lea, 94, tests robot-caregiver" (Avvenire, IT, 5/5), "Here's Mr Robin, robot-caregiver to Grandma Lea: 'Now, I live more serenely'" (QN, IT, 5/5), "A robot as caregiver to the elderly" (N24Games, IT, 5/5), "The grandma and the robot" (Corriere della Sera, IT, 5/5), “Rome: robot caregiver for 94 year old” (Italia Sera, IT, 5/5), "Mr Robin the Robot, caregiver to Grandma Lea" (Il Secolo XIX, IT, 5/5), "Robin, the European robot that takes care of Grandma Lea" (, 5/5), "The European Union is funding the Robin project [sic], a physician assistant robot for the home" (, ES, 5/5; NB: the article correctly identifies the project as GiraffPlus), and "Grandma Lea, at 94 years old, with a robot caregiver" (info

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