Legend has it that Sammy (Samual Marks) has been haunting his home (built in 1880) since his death in 1902. In my story I am exploring the idea of another ghost that haunts the forest area outside his home (also known as Zwartkoppies Farm). The ghost is that of Dolly Marks, Sammy and Bertha Mark's middle daughter. Sammy and his wife Bertha had nine children of which only six survived. The sad thing is that the legend and legacy of Sammy Mark died in 1981, with the death of his last grandchild. Of all Sammy and Bertha's grandchildren only girls were born, so the family name died when the last grandchild passed away. In my story I am exploring the idea of losing a legacy and what it means to have a family name, what does it tie to? I am interested in ideas such as why a name matters and does blood tie you to family? In this short visual memoir I wanted to capture the spirit of Dolly Marks - a rich Victorian lady who was not allowed to marry a 'foreigner' and who was ordered to return home to their family farm. In my story she rebels against her religious father by practising alternative spiritual rituals and vows to never marry. Her spirit still remains.

Check out my blog for more info: karienmulder.wordpress.com/2014/07/20/ghosts-and-girls/

Model & Make-up: Yowyn Du Plooy
Styling, Videography, Editing and Fine Art Photography: Karien Mulder
Wardrobe: Corsets SA corsetsa.co.za
Assistant: Louise Malan

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