As a wedding filmer and story teller, you are always looking for the best way to grab audio for toasts. You have a few different options.

Split time is at 44 seconds.

1) In camera mic
2) Audio Recorder on the Best Man / Maid of Honor
3) Place Tascam or recorder near speaker
4) Feed from DJ Board or Speaker
5) Unbalanced out from wireless mic receiver

I've never done number 1. Number 2 I've never had great results. It is a great backup, but it's never been ideal. 3) I get better results from this than a mic on the toaster (however if DJ equipment goes down, your SOL). 4) It's hit or miss. Most of the time I get what I need, however it can be blown out before it even gets to the recorder, you may need an attenuator, however sometimes still doesn't help ( I may just be a noob). 5) THE BEST I've gotten so far. Grab the mic line before it even hits the DJ's gear!

This is a test between the XLR out of a speaker to recorder and a 1/4 unbalanced out into a recorder. The same DM620 recorder was used, both on auto gain.

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