1:41, 1980 x 1080
iPhone video

Part of a larger installation which included multiple video projections and a 12 photographs, this video is 1 of 3 which utilize as their subject matter cheap, mass-produced objects.

Rather than attempting to preserve the integrity of the things themselves, however, they are intentionally fragmented. I then recombine the fragments with regard to the perspective and nature of video and the camera. Duration, point-of-view, and, in this case, the zoom function, play a role in the construction of an altogether new object.

The audio, which during installation was performed live, attests to the presence of the artist. This new, already fragmented, already multiple object in flux, never stationary, never quite the same at any given moment presents a counterpoint to the contained stasis of the photography in the installation. These videos represent a kind of reanimated Frankenstein’s monster as to the corpses of the photographs.

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