The vast majority of the clips for this video were shot in early March of 2014 on back to back days. Shredding pavement one day, snow the next. A few clips were shot more recently around this 4th of July. Every moment of this video was filmed with the recent loss of the irreplaceable John Dwight in the forefront of our minds. Now every time I step on a skateboard, click into a pair of bindings, or turn on a video camera, his talent, passion, and overwhelmingly positive nature will always be right there with me. For that reason, I won't call it a tribute video, otherwise I would need to attach that label to every video project I work on from here on out. Instead we will call this the first of many videos directly inspired by the relentless energy John had for life, on and off a board.

Special thanks to everyone involved with this little video.
Mike Staffel and Steve Teske for an awesome two days at Targhee/Camore Loma
Andrew Withoft and Mike Anderson for the epic night that led to the recording of "Wave Goodbye."
And of course to the massive circle of friends around us all, THANK YOU!

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