Battle of Funkstown 2014 - Civil War Reenactment - Day In The Park - starring a cast of hundreds with Nathan Bishop, Cpt. James L. Zartman, Kendra Dean, The 97th Regimental String Band -

02:44 Pretty Southern Girls
05:22 Beautiful Northern Brides working away
07:00 The 97th Regimental String Band
07:54 Great southern food!
08:50 War horses
09:49 Souther rebel camp
10:12 beautiful southern girl
11:19 southern soldiers getting ready for battle
12:33 Calvary getting ready for battle
13:00 Kendra and other pretty girls playing badminton
13:33 Nathan Bishop shows the various ordinance used in the model M1841 Mountain Howitzer Civil War canons.
14:15 Canister shot was the deadliest type of ammunition
14:47 Grapeshot was the predecessor of, and a variation on, canister
15:16 32lb iron shot was a solid projectile no explosive charge
15:58 Explosive Case (or "spherical case" for smoothbores) were anti-personnel projectiles
16:22 10lb Parrott solid projectile
16:34 Federal Reed Parrott - explosive
16:48 paper fuses cut to different lengths for timing - plus special tools spanners, etc.
18:14 Ketchum Hand Grenade
19:44 12lb federal shell Bormann primer
20:25 Mercury fulminate explosive
21:40 tools - leveler, range finder, sights and calipers
25:00 Pretty girls serving food welcome visitors
25:11 preparing for battle
25:50 southern Calvary playing dixie on a harmonica
30:00 & 32:43 rebel canon fire

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