I shot a series of 4 time lapses on Saddle Butte Ranch in Montana.

One day series shows the cloud movement reflected in the windows of the house.
I also did 3 night series. Two facing WNW, one panning with the stars and one static. The panning shot I started when it was light (10PM) and carried it out into darkness.
The last one I did was pointing North with the house in the foreground. The moon was 3/4 full and you can see the light travel across the house before it sets behind the mountains.
Each night series covers about 4 hours. There's only about 5 hours of darkness in this part of Montana.

I like the planes and satellites so I don't edit them out. It's interesting to see everything that's in our skies.

Motion controlled by Axis360, Cinetics
Music by Dexter Britain

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