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Deceptionist will seamlessly blend into your event as everyone settles down, he'll start to tinker with their minds; inspiring awe & bewilderment. Through combining his urban deception, mind magic, street magic, card trickery, cheeky hustles, mentalism and illusion he become your events perfect social catalyst.
"Extraordinary" - HRH Prince William
"You made my 21st Birthday Extra Special" - Keira Knightly
"Help us create an interactive illusion for our brand ambassadors"- Heineken
"I need to make a Ducati magically appear". - Private Client, Abu Dhabi
"Help design with strategies for a SuperDrug conference " - Design Scene
"Make these 12ft Globots appear live on stage for BGT finals". - Area51
"I’d like you to make $1,000,000 appear in a sealed room". - Anon U.A.E
The Deceptionist® or Sav to his mates. Bringing the ‘dark arts’ into the 21st century. With a cheeky personality that charms plus the ice-breaking skills that amaze! He’s wowed hundreds of thousands world-wide with his modern approach to classic magic tricks. So, want to know just what it feels like to have your mind twisted by London’s original urban deceptionist®? Hire this slick trickster today for your next event or bash. From Dubai to Hoxton; A true ‘everyman’ he’ll blend seamlessly into your party tinkering with the audiences minds; causing amazement delivering huge impact. Sav is a seasoned professional who moved to London back in 1999; touted as one of the capitals most exclusive & established professional magicians. The perfect ice-breaker. Capable of top-notch contemporary deceptions utilising iPhones & mobile devices. Other skulduggery includes sleight-of-hand, card sharping, mind-control, mentalism, visual illusions plus a bunch of other esoteric oddities. An instant hit for trade shows, weddings, private bashes, blue chip hospitality, corporate boxes. Sav has time and time again rocked the joint at many of the worlds best events.
Backed by a Fine Arts (Hons) degree, Sav likes to think of himself as a curator of deceptive practices. Since his childhood, he's been plucking watches off wrists, picking locks, making things vanish & even replicating the famous Uri Geller's bending spoon effect.
Over the past decade Sav had beguiled billionaires, millionaires & an assortment of society's movers and shakers. His laid back charm and prowess has won over many a cynic, armed only with his guile and a bag of tricks. An instant hit at many of the worlds biggest events, parties and hospitality suites to the extent that he is regularly jetted out as far as the U.A.E, H.K & L.A.
Deceptionist® uses his skills to entertain, engage inspire; unlocking dormant imaginations to invigorate audiences and even stimulate potential buyers.
2014 Showreel
TITLE : #UrbanDeceptionist
Deceptionist® is a Registered trademark – For Licensing enquiries please email for details.

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