Isabelle is a short 3d animated film completed in my fourth year at Emily Carr University of Art + Design. The film was modelled and rendered in 3ds Max 9 and composited using Photoshop, After Effects and Premier. Isabelle draws inspiration from dolls and stop motion for design and animation style. Because of it's abstract narrative and timeline, Isabelle's story seems vague at first. This was originally done in an attempt that the viewer might bring their own interpretations and story to the film as it progresses. Some scenes from the film remain undeveloped.

This story may have been a bit ambitious for me at the time and remains only partially realized. I learned so much during this process though and was quite pleased with the final stylization. More info at

Original synopsis - Convinced that she is still alive; a young girl’s ghost remains trapped within her final resting place. Upon the visit of a familiar spirit, memories of Isabelle’s past are revealed, and she must come to terms with her own death.

Gavin Schaefer - music arrangement, sound
Julia Anne McDougall - original piano & vocals

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