1 - 2D animation using Maya, working with the Staen rig provided by Mike Wyatt from Attack Animation. A 20 second sting for the NCCA where the character uses a prop that transforms 3 times, the last transformation resulting in the NCCA logo. This allowed us to play around with weight.

2 - A rabbit movement study. After collecting references and studying how a rabbit moves and the anatomy involved, I created a simple model, rigged and animated it. I wasn't looking at deformation so I worked on the overall movement.

3 - The Sad Giant from our final year film 'Off Peak'. I rigged and animated him.

4 - Hughes, another monster from 'Off Peak'. Using reference footage, I animated him with the likeness of a monkey. I tried to convey his curious nature and made him respond to his environment by looking out the window when something outside catches the attention of another passenger making them point it out.

5 - Hughes again, this time, hopping downstairs to leave the bus.

6 - The final, off screen, transformation the Staen character, resulting in the NCCA logo.

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