Good Feet Boston's "Get Pain Free" web series has a special episode on choosing the correct footwear for vacation. Check out our video on "How To Choose The Right Travel Footwear."

It's summertime! Choosing the proper footwear for your vacation is an important step to prevent injury. Here are a few questions that will help determine the right footwear for vacation.

1. How are you getting there (flying, driving, sailing)?

2. What will you be doing on this trip (sightseeing, hiking, shopping)?

Regardless of the activity, the overall goal is to protect, comfort, and support your feet. Our feet carry all of our weight. The arches of the foot are both a shock absorber and balancing mechanisms. A small difference in arch support can mean a big difference between a great vacation and a painful vacation. Make sure you plan your footwear appropriately. If you feel prolonged discomfort or pain, don't make the mistake of trying to diagnose yourself. Have a podiatrist or a foot doctor take a look at your feet.

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