194,879 Views - Greenhouse Effect's Music is totally Revolutionary and Bizarre indeed. Millions of Views on the internet, Gracing the absolute Tops of Search engines, and Jango Net Radio "Blog Driven" Videos and mp3 sales make them a cyberspace Powerhouse unmatched !! "Our Songs simply sound Great when turned up loud" says Clark Hagins "People say that hearing Greenhouse Effect is shocking ,....sorta like that first time you ever heard Eminem, NWA, or Nirvana - People are blown away".... Greenhouse Effect (G.E.) Pride themselves upon their usage of the internet's most unique sound and delivery - where Great Songwriting and first rate musicianship are always the first line keys. "You know that you're good when a Show like Fox News Red Eye steals your ideas from your blogs" says Hagins. Hagins ofcourse is referring to Fox News funnyman quasi-anchor Greg Gutfield's peeling off of the line; "Foo Fighters are like Nickleback but without the hooks".....Says Hagins; "Way back in 2007, when I wrote that at my main blog at TheGreenhouseEffectRocks.com, I never realised then how many people would come to read my shit,...and at times; TAKE IT" says Higgins. Hagins says that his own long time hatred of Foo Fighters seems to now be fueling and being mirrored by Gutfeld; "If Fox News Red Eye likes to read all my blogs and surf my videos then great,.....but I wish they would credit me,...When somebody says that they hate the Foo Fighters,..then I know that they probobly got that from me,....because all the dimwits and yahoos nowadays 'like' the Fuck Fighters,...thats just the way that it is now,..because practically all you ever hear on the FM radio is Green Day and Foo Fighters and constantly !! I've been sick of it for like 12 years and running,...they need to play some new bands once in a while,..but play some good bands,..not the same old boring shit like the Foos,.....Fox News is trying to be hip and Tea Party-ish,..and hating the Foo Fighters - the band that wouldn't let John McCain use their music,...is their clever cute angle that they seem to think they invented,...but thats bullshit !!,.....I laugh at Red Eye but I am a way bigger fan of Dr. Michael Savage and his talk radio,....Fox News will not allow Savage on their network and I think 'THAT' is a gutless piece of chicken-shit !!,...Fox News are a buncha gutless cowards,..they cator to RINO GOP'S ,...not to real conservatives and true pragmatics amongst us,.....if they had any real balls, ..they would let Michael Savage on their network ,..instead of stealing ideas from the blogs of so called "Little People" !!..... Hagins says that he feels that Greg Gutfeld doesn't really actually hate the Foo Fighters when he suddenly spit out; "Foo Fighters suck" on Fox News,...but that rather Red Eye was angered by Foo Guitarist Chris Schifflet espousing "Obamacare" and condemning insurance Companys in an ad. "I think that the Foo Fighters suck,..it is well known,..but you gotta have yer reasons and yer ducks in a row,....you gotta know what yer talkin' about when you diss Foo Fighters,....Greg Gutfeld doesn't know shit,..he is an entertain-or,...he's just tryin' to be chique !!,...I have my reasons,..he doesn't have ANY !! AND I laughed when I saw him tryin' to put down Genesis Post- Peter Gabriel,...the guy is an idiot,....everybody who is a real prog rocker 'knows' that the first three Genesis records without Gabriel are still good !!,...Gutfeld didn't know that,..he's an asshole jerk !!" =============
- Greenhouse Effect seem to be Proud of the fact that they are by far the First Rock Band to use the moniker "Greenhouse Effect" as a band name ,...dating as far back as to 1985 !; "We are the original Greenhouse Effect" says Clark Hagins "We were Greenhouse Effect before Asher Roth was even born !,...Before that band of so-called Stoners from Oakland (Laughs),...before the hip hop Group from Columbus Ohio,...Before the one from Florida and the one in England or Indonesia,...yes,..and before the Creeps from Baltimore too,....before "EveryBODY -,...and now we get the biggest web views of any band in the world and Pro Websites (And in some cases TV Networks,...they read our blogs and shit,...and they steal our writing ideas (Laughs),....I guess it's cause 'they're' out of ideas !!!!,....When I talk shit and write things about bands like the Foo Fighters and Green Day and Nickleback,...I am simply saying how these artists are mundane stupid ass Liberal Dope-headed people who are boring and that their very "Life" itself 'could be' 'the' contributing factor as why their music is so run-of-the-mill and Vanilla,....I don't even wanna use the word 'boring' to describe Green Day or Dave Grohl,..because I don't want to waste a real official word or 'title' on them from Webster's Dictionary !! It's plain to see,....but to see Fox News Red Eye have to stoop so low as to 'take-from-me" ,..well,...'THAT' is just plain funny !!,...even though, its not that hard,..and that much of a mental stretch to discover that Nickleback is boring !!,....Rock N Roll is a very complicated thing,...you have to have all these faculties and things in place to do Rock n Roll well,...its almost like you have to be this little shit who people hate and pick on and disrespect - and all their life too - in order to really 'capture' proper Rock n roll,...if you have all this swagger and attitude and you can kick people's ass,...'THAT' in itself almost immediately diqualifies you from 'being' Rock n Roll,...Dave Grohl and Nickleback immediately fall into these categories,....they are jocks ,..GEt it !! In the case of Dave Grohl,..the guy really 'can' arrange a song 'better' than the average band can today - BUT 'THAT' isn't the point,....You still wanna turn his songs off fast in under ten seconds,...its just 'something' that people can 'sense',....you can't just take some guy who was the Drummer of like this big famous band,..and then suddenly, with all his music industry connections like Gary Gersh at Capital Records,...He is suddenly this "Front Man" in some other Group,...'thats' not suffering yer way up through the clubs ,.. - 'THATS' NOT A REAL BAND STUPID !!!,....the guy hasn't been picked on and HE HASN'T SUFFERED,....YOU 'HAVE TO' SUFFER TO BE GOOD ROCK,....I'm sorry but thats just the way it is !!"


Rock City Productions
Boston Mass.
"It Ain't Easy" is simply a Great Song by Greenhouse Effect. The tortured ambiance and recording make this tight little three minute Gem another G.e. classic !!

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