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This is the first single for Jordan Esker's upcoming album, which features numerous musicians from bands in Tallahassee and Tampa.

Instruments and vocals by Jordan Esker
Additional vocals by Bob Judalena
Photo editing by Joey Morris
Engineered and Produced by Phil Nettle and Jordan Esker
Mixed by Chris Bracco
Mastered by Will Quinnell at Sterling Sound

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I could have you back, and all I have to do is just say yes.
But I'm confused as to which moment represents you.
No one believes or has confidence in me,
because it doesn't seem like I'm devastated.
I'd spend endless amounts of being attached to you,
just point and I will make that mark.

It's too bad we didn't fall in love yet.

You never let your guard down.
I guess that's why I never stopped being jealous
of even your friends, whom you received excitedly
and me, well it was always just me.

Sorry babe, but you have to do that.
More sets being in love aside from being inside.
I hate sounding selfish but people require certain things,
and you never really made me feel special.
So I guess that's why we didn't fall in love yet.

Too bad we didn't fall in love yet.

Tell me good things about myself, build me like no one can.
Using all those same words that I know no other woman can.

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