The Pughs are normal, Jesus-loving Christians being led by the gospel to leave home and family to love and live among the people of North Yorkshire.

In rural Yorkshire, numerous towns and villages have long been left without the gospel witness of a local church living out the mission of God before them. K.J. and Lynn will serve Grace Church in the hope of making it a launchpad for starting new works throughout Yorkshire and beyond.


This has been one of the most fun and challenging edits I've had.

Many, many thanks to all the folks who provided footage for us—all I shot was K.J.'s interview and the english breakfast scene. The majority of content was shot by Lynn Pugh, with other footage provided by The Crowded House, and Matthew Wilson. The Yorkshire Bound logo was designed by Olivia Pugh.


Edited with Premiere Pro CC. Graded with SpeedGrade and Colorista II. Graphics animated in After Effects. Mixed in Audition.

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