Oro is always pursuing rare beasts. One day he runs into a little boy, who decides that he'll tag along.

A tribute to video games, anime and worlds within them.

4th year thesis film at Sheridan.

Film by: Richy Truong
Music by: Kevin Won
Faculty Mentor: Michelle Hannan
Production Assistants: Steve Tobiasz, Masae Seki, Corey Shillingford, Lee Tao, Jason Lum, Meng Wang, Victor Reano, Tim Yan

Animated foolishly in Adobe Photoshop CS6
Composited in Adobe AfterEffects CS6.

Hey guys! Sorry for not posting in like a year.
I'm about to leave for my first solo-backpacking trip I came across this project I did last year on my desktop and wanted to share it with you guys.

-----------FILM STATEMENT-------
It was my first time creating a film; so it's not perfect...there are many things I wish I could change if I could go back in time (pacing and...actually animating!)

I grew up playing a variety of RPG games, watching Dragonball and other shonen animes as alot of you are familiar with!
They are what inspired me to become an artist artist (I grew up drawing goku) and influenced who I am today.
I learned the importance of forgiveness, comradery, altruism, and gained a sense of bettering the world with these seemingly chidlish pieces of work.

I wanted to pay a tribute to all of these things by creating a film that would reference the worlds, characters, story arcs and themes found in these works.
As you can tell I am a huge fan of Oda! The characters are definitely inspired by One Piece - an anime that has helped keep me in the light through dark times.

I did this film as a way to pay tribute to the artists and worlds that I love and to represent my journey through school.

-----------ABOUT THIS FILM-------

This is my 4th year thesis film of Sheridan's Animation program; where all graduating students must create a 1 minute film.
It took me 7 months (with some helping hands from my supportive friends) to create this short film.

Creating this film was a journey itself. I initially planned to just blow off this project and BARELYYY pass because I'm the worst at animating and just wanted to paint...but slowly this project started to grow on me.
I realized that a film or anything sequential can communicate what a single painting cannot - themes, morals, development of character and familiarity.
Time - it can invoke emotions that line, form and lighting cannot.

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