Death Punch Fighter was entirely shot on Super 8 film (except for intro and outro) and tells the dramatic story of Ginger Punch, an ex-ninja who is seeking revenge on the evil Colonel Ninja for the assassination of Master Hentai, the greatest and wisest of all ninja trainers. A fight of epic proportions is imminent...

Filmed on a Sankyo Super CM 300 and Kodak Super 8 (not sure which one exactly) at Viktoriapark Berlin, during a workshop at the Berliner Technische Kunsthochschule, hosted by Anna Marziano.

Lisa Lemke - Ginger Punch
Michel Klares - Colonel Ninja
Yonathan Ben Har - Master Hentai

Enter the Dragon OST
C-Funk by Kevin McLeod (
Eye of the Tiger by Survivor (slightly improved)

Film processing and scanning by Andec Berlin.
Basic editing made in-camera (Raw version will also be uploaded).
Fine cut, grading and audio done in Adobe Premiere Pro CC.
Intro made in Adobe After Effects CC.

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