Watch their entire journey on DVD.

Uncommon [uhn-kom-uhn], adjective; out of the ordinary; remarkable, unusual, exceptional.

Ground [ground], noun; an area of land designated for a particular purpose.

Branded by the camaraderie and the love of Elk hunting, we place more importance on providing for our families with the gift of meat over the size of antlers.

Hunting Roosevelt's in the familiar woods of Oregon before leaving to find Uncommon Ground in Wyoming where we step foot on unknown soil against an unfamiliar adversary, the Rocky Mountain bulls challenge our mettle in the game of bow hunting elk.

Along the way you will share the emotional events that all elk hunters relate to but rarely see on TV. We invite you to join us as we take you on a trip to the reality of public land, do-it-yourself Elk hunting as we share our failures and successes.

Watch their entire journey on DVD.

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