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You will learn how to buy a home by a process of elimination! This is the fun part! I have to warn you that nobody gets everything they want in their home regardless of their price point (maybe a few, but not EVERYONE). This is usually when the couple gets in their first argument, which can be serious or jokingly.

Buying a house is simply a process of elimination. Here are the keys points to think about when deciding what your buying criteria is. There is no right or wrong answer on any of this.

1.) Price - Price is always a factor because most of us have to live by some kind of budget. This is where I suggest starting at. Your city or neighborhood search will generally have some kind of overall pricing structure to it. Your agent should be able to immediately point out what is realistic or not in your desired area. You should start by knowing what you get for the money in certain areas.

2.) Location - Once you get a generalization on your pricing and area you need to narrow down the location. You want to see what is important for you regarding location. Some good examples for deciding factors are the following: school districts, location to public transportation or possibly a highway. Do you want to be closer to a certain school or belong to a specific school district?

3.) Amenities - This is where you list your wants and needs regarding the property itself. You need to see what you can do with or without. I suggest making a laundry list of things wanted and things needed. There is always a sacrifice to some extent and it usually comes in this area. It is important to know what you can do without before getting started on your home search.

Buying a home is a process of elimination. Sometimes you may find it right away and other times it could take a while. It will depend on what you are looking for and how realistic you will be to what the market pricing is. Your agent will be able to assist you heavily in this category. The best advice I can give is to decide as quick as possible what things you can or cannot sacrifice.

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