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SILICA-ESC is a generative movie that portrays possible computing platform for the future. The story takes place in Singapore, where the decision about massive production of the new computing platform - SILICA-ESC is about to be made. The protagonists challenge the emerging supercomputer with issues like: class segregations, rules of art making, and spirituality. These questions seem like they are very important for the future developments of the global IT sector. Also, they are considered to be the most difficult ones and challenging for the super computer. But, SILICA-ESC responds with ease. By emitting audio, visual and scent impulses, she mesmerizes her first public users.
The movie is created by writing code and designing a software environment, which can generate high number of variations and visual material in short periods of time. All the visual material is generated by working with computer language Processing.
While doing this movie, the author worked with a variety of supercomputer clusters and High Performance Computing systems consisting of high number of processors. This movie remixes works of Jean Luc Godard (Weekend), Velimir Khlebnikov (Radio of the Future), Fyodor Dostoyevsky(Notes from the Underground), and Caspar David Friedrich(artist’s quotes).

script by: Vladimir Todorovic (by remixing works of: Jean Luc Godard(Weekend), Velimir Khlebnikov (Radio of the Future), Fyodor Dostoyevsky(Notes from the Underground), and Caspar David Friedrich.)
directed by: Vladimir Todorovic, music by: Brian O'Reilly, colourist: Jac Min, type: Roy Wang

Languages: Japanese, French, and German
Duration: 7:41
Master formats: computer file HD 1920:1080, and HD-Cam tape

Ben Fry and Casey Reas, creators of Processing,
Processing community,
Karsten Schmidt, creator of toxiclibs,
Andreas Schlegel, creator of controlP5,
Mark Chadwick, creator of p5sunflow,
Damien Di Fede, creator of minim,

rendered on ADM/NTU render farm, and macbook pro

Partially supported by:
RG1(RCC10/ADM/2009) grant.

Translation by:
Susanne Wurmnest, Gilles Massot, and Maho Saito.

produced by Vladimir Todorovic, 2010.

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