Seoul International Cartoon and Animation Festival (SICAF) 22 - 27 July 2014
Media Canvas screenings:

'Media Canvas' is the world's largest digital display screen, located on the facade of a building in Seoul Square, South Korea, which has also become one of Seoul's icons. Gana Art (gallery) exhibits the works of global media artists on Media Canvas which can be seen live online:
SICAF 2014 selected a program of animations for screening on Media Canvas throughout the festival.
The digital display features a selection of unique and exciting works from British, Canadian and Japanese animators. Selected animations included 'Interior', 'Coincidence' (Sabrina Schmid, UK), 'Colorimetry in Motion' (Nicolas Menard, Canada), 'Music Box' (Stuart Pound, UK), 'Land' (Masanobu Hiraoka, Japan), 'X, X' (Max Hattler, UK). An amazing way to show animation: the dimension of this LED panel is 99 meters wide by 78 meters tall, which covers the front facade of an office building from the 4th floor to the 23rd floor.

The above video shows the screening of the animation 'Interior' (excerpt) on the digital display Media Canvas, filmed on location 8pm on Tuesday 22nd July 2014.

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