Pt. 7 in the PROWL TV web series, Basement Beats.
Basement Beats are the videos we produce when our creative brethren come to hang out in the PROWL HOUSE basement.

This is Pt. 7 - This is the final instalment of the Basement Beats first series. We invited our favourite musician Ralph Brunjes to bring his guitar round and give us first dibs on his new solo material. Characters are born and exist solely within his songs. While the bop of his melodies give space for contemplation and in Barbados those spaces are spent considering the currency of youthfulness.
His sticky, good art-rock voice is the sweetest way to end this series.

Directed by: Ammr Khalifa
Camera work by: Ammr Khalifa and Nick Edwards-Tombs
Sound by: Daniel Ackie
Produced by: Lisa Luxx

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