The summer festival Hagenfesten in Dala-Floda, Sweden, is back.

After a one-year interruption the annual festival for creative contemporary arts, Hagenfesten, re-open its huge barn door and invite, for the eleventh time, to a fest far beyond the ordinary festival experience. The dates are July 31st - August 2nd 2014.

As usual, Hagenfesten is something unusual.
A wondrous variable festival, taking place amidst typical reddish farmhouses in the hub of Swedish traditional culture, the region of Dalarna, that has during the last decade become a haunt for world-wide contemporary culture. Hagenfesten is the harvest fest of a musical, visual and poetical agriculture, experimenting and questioning our inner and outer fields. There between the free and the unfree, the limited and the unlimited, the possible and the impossible, rise the improvisation in the peel of a shared potato.

The program of 2014 give attention to some fifty artists from Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Austria, France, Great Britain, Germany, Japan, USA and Finland. You can buy your ticket now at a really good price, remember, all homemade food is included. All practical and unpractical information is available on the webpage ( and facebook.

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