Andrew Lynch - "Kicking"

February 2, 2010

A few hours before meeting up I got a message from Andrew that he'd found a place to shoot with a grand piano, which was great news because it meant the entire session wouldn't have to be shot in profile at an upright. It was his friend Richard Dodd's place (of the incredible Section Quartet), in Larchmont; a beautiful craftsman with and enviably large (and quite well manicured) back yard. We were greeted by little barking dogs, PBR, and general cheeriness.

After shooting the shit for a bit about past live video experiences (like the dead sober, first thing in the morning while touring with Earlimart at SXSW), and the stop-motion videos he'd made for his upcoming release ("Sun Incisions," which is out now), he sat down to play a few songs at the piano. Of course not without at least one trick up his sleeve - a little dual threat trumpet while playing piano bridge during "Eleven PM."

Lynch's compositions, while richly layered and orchestrated with careful intentionality and subtle textural harmonies on the album, still manage to maintain the soul of that singer-songwriter with his acoustic or piano. A seemingly bottomless knack for cleverly-phrased, introspective poetic stanzas, delivered over catchy hooks and with a hint of that Jeff Tweedy drawl -- these are tunes you'll unknowingly be humming in the back of your head for days. But he doesn't take it all too seriously; the moments of sarcasm in there, a little willingness to poke fun at himself and the melodramatic -- that's when it's at its most genuine and its best.

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Camera: Elliot Glass & Allen Kelley
Sound: Elliot Glass
All Rights Reserved. Member of Ocean.

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