This is a follow up quick tip from
(How to paint Objects on a Surface with Hair) where I showed
how to use Hair Guides for painting objects onto a surface.
The technique is now a little more refined and with the awesome
help of python scripting craftsmen douwe (
and hypoly ( can be used for painting Splines onto a Surface.

In the video you see me painting guides onto geometry. Then I select the Hair
Object only and invoke the script douwe_HairGuidesTracer_V02.

Edit: Here's a newer version of the script with an Undo function and a warning if no Hair
object is selected. Both versions do work :)

The script connects all the Guides points and creates a Spline. Then it deletes the
Guides so one can draw new Guides which in turn can be turned into Splines and so forth.
(For convenience I mapped the shortcut Ü-Ü on the script, so one doesn't have to click
on execute all the time.)

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