In this video this Pam driver passes this member at a good passing speed then when he gets to slightly ahead of the member he slows down and cuts the member of. This is a deliberate act. We might not be reporting to companies anymore but we are still reporting. To the D.O.T.
We have special areas set up for the D.O.T. in each state that can only be accessed by the D.O.T. and us. We have videos that will not be publicly released until they have been seen by the D.O.T.
So if you think that this game playing is fun and you are having the last laugh, think again. Specially when the D.O.T. comes into your company for a review ( Safety, Compliance ) and requests your records and explains it to your company so they can explain it to you.

It is useless to call this company's safety director since he does nothing about this drivers reckless driving.
This is from past experience.

This company also has had it's problems with reckless truckers. Please follow this link to the story:

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