A look at the infinite possibilities within the everyday. Following a day in the life of Vincent, "Subject X" and his many variations that exist throughout the universe. The story begins to fracture into different threads when he follows a would be lover down the street.

Winner of the 30 Under 30 Film Festival for Director To Watch award.

This piece was created for the "Everyday Adventure" series originally commissioned by Nokia Brand Labs.

This film was inspired by Brian Greene's "The Hidden Reality" amazon.com/The-Hidden-Reality-Parallel-Universes/dp/0307278123
and Douglas Hofstadter's "I am a Strange Loop" amazon.com/Am-Strange-Loop-Douglas-Hofstadter/dp/0465030793

Directed by Paul Trillo (paultrillo.com)
Co Produced By Keith Ferreira
Director of Photography Andrew Georgopoulos
Sound Design and Score by Noah Cunningham
Executive Producer Costas Syrmos (Nokia Brand Labs)

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