It’s a hard fact that some of the most valuable filmmaking knowledge is not really covered in most filmmaking classes and seminars. The insider tips, tactics and techniques that we deliver in this seminar are all things that you will eventually learn if you stay in the industry and keep making films and video.

But the real question is - How will you learn them?…Through the usual expensive trial and error, morale-busting mistakes and years of hard knocks in the trenches? OR By learning vicariously from the shared experience of other independent filmmakers like you that have already been there and done that?

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Between the three instructors presenting this seminar, we’ve taken our indie lumps several times over. When we started out nobody told us some of the most crucial things we needed to master to become better filmmakers and consistently create professional-quality videos. From the intricacies of wooing an investor to the perils of shooting without permits…we learned it all the hard way.

At Indie Film Bootcamp, you can learn it all the EASY way – from our mistakes and hard-won experience. And not just our mistakes, but also our many indie successes. Between us, we’ve taken multiple top prizes at major film festivals, produced music videos and shows on MTV, been screened on Showtime and Starz, wooed and directed A-list talent, and screened films at Sundance, Slamdance, Tribeca and beyond. However, the reality is that if we knew just half of what we’re now sharing at Indie Film Bootcamp, we could have done it all faster, cheaper and with even better results.

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* Clearly conceive, plan and EXECUTE your creative vision
* MAXIMIZE production value despite limited resources
* Adopt a BULLET-PROOF indie mindset and philosophy
* Develop a solid STRATEGY for long-term career success

…all detailed from our own personal experience, step-by-step with clear illustrations and examples that you can follow and apply to your own work. But be warned, after you attend Indie Film Bootcamp you won’t be able to say nobody told you.

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