Long-time friends Yan, Simon, Roxanne, Maxime and his sister Lily are in their early 20s, the age when anything is possible. They are just embarking on their careers.
Then one fine summer day, Yan is involved in a fatal car accident. The young man is killed instantly. The rest of the gang is thrown into turmoil.
Maxime refuses to accept that his best friend is gone. He goes off the deep end and starts getting into trouble. Roxanne, in denial of her true feelings for Maxime, does an about-face and starts sleeping around, while Simon, a die-hard romantic, tries in vain to get back together with a lost love.
And Lily? With Yan by her side, she could live day to day while figuring out what to do with her life. He was her happiness, but with him gone . . . She suddenly feels the need to build something more solid. So she decides to set things in motion. Lily says yes.
Four friends buffeted from all sides. All four of them somewhat lost, trying to get their bearings, to find a deep meaning to give to their existence. All four of them… together.
A summer when everything changes dramatically, when the poles reverse for a brief moment. Friends who lose each other and then find each other again. Death, friendship, love – life, in other words.

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